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Pillowcase.NET: Discount Pillowcases
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By the Dozen

Pillowcases in Bulk Quantities

We have a large selection of pillowcases at discount prices by the pair, six pack or the dozen.  Some items have larger volume discounts. 

CLOSEOUT White Standard Size T130 Pillowcases
CLOSEOUT White Standard Size T130 Pillowcases (Per Dozen)
Price: $12.35 
Muslin Pillowcase: Cheap Economy T-130
White Standard Size T130 Pillowcases (Per Dozen)
Price: $14.45 
Standard Size T180 Pillowcases (Per Dozen)
White T180 Pillowcases (Per Dozen)
Price: $17.95 
100% Cotton Pillowcases
White 100% Cotton T200 Pillowcases Standard Size (Six Pack)
Price: $14.95 
Pillowcases: 200 Thread Count
White T200 Blended Pillowcase (Per Dozen)
Regular Price: $21.95
On Sale For: $20.95 
Pillowcases 250 Thread Count
White T250 Pillowcases (Per Dozen)
Regular Price: $29.95
On Sale For: $26.95 
King Size Pillowcase
King Size White T250 Pillowcases (Per Dozen)
Price: $34.95 
Blue Pillowcases
Blue Pillowcases (Six Pack)
Price: $11.99 
Bubble Gum Pink Pillowcase
Bubble Gum Pink Pillowcases (Six Pack)
Price: $11.99 
Gold Pillowcase
Gold Pillowcases (Six Pack)
Price: $11.99 
Royal Blue Pillowcases (per 6)
Golden Yellow Pillowcases (Six Pack)
Regular Price: $11.99
On Sale For: $10.99 
Green Ash Pillowcases
Green Pillowcases (Six Pack)
Price: $11.99 
Grey Pillowcases
Light Grey Pillowcases (Six Pack)
Price: $11.99 
Pink Pillowcases
Light Pink Pillowcases (Six Pack)
Price: $11.99 
Light Yellow Pillowcases
Light Yellow Pillowcases (Six Pack)
Price: $11.99 
Lilac Pillowcases
Lilac Pillowcases (Six Pack)
Price: $11.99 
Beige Pillowcases
Mixed Shades of Beige Cream Ivory Pillowcases (Six Pack)
Regular Price: $11.99
On Sale For: $10.99 
Royal Blue Pillowcases (per 6)
Muted Mauve Pillowcases (Six Pack)
Price: $11.99 
Green Pillowcases
Pastel Light Green Pillowcases (Six Pack)
Price: $11.99 
Purple Pillowcase
Pastel Purple Pillowcases (Six Pack)
Price: $11.99 
Printed Standard Size Pillowcases (Per 30 Pack)
Printed Standard Size Pillowcases (Per 30 Pack)
Price: $49.95 
Horizon Blue Pillowcases
Robin Egg Blue Pillowcases (Six Pack)
Price: $11.99 
Purple Pillowcases
Spring Purple Pillowcases (Six Pack)
Price: $11.99 
Taupe Pillowcase
Taupe Pillowcases (Six Pack)
Price: $11.99 
Pillowcases: ThreMixed Fiber Content
Pillowcases Assorted Colors (Per Six)
Price: $6.95 
Ivory Pillowcase
Ivory Pillowcases (Per Six Pack)
Price: $11.99 
King Size Pillowcases
King Size White T180 Blended Pillowcase (Per Dozen)
Price: $24.95 
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